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01. Hanoi train street timetable or What time does the train go through Hanoi Train Street?

What is the best time to see Hanoi train street? Hanoi train street schedule for now?

For the first location at the intersection of “Tran Phu street” and “Ly Nam De street” in the Old Quarter, visitors can easily search for “Train Street” on Google Maps to find the exact spot. This will simplify the navigation process and help them reach the destination more easily.

The second location on Le Duan street, between Le Duan and Kham Thien, is a little further from the city center. Visitors can consider taking a taxi to reach this spot, which is approximately 3-4 kilometers away. Taxis are readily available in Hanoi, and it’s a convenient transportation option for reaching destinations outside the immediate city center.

  • Monday-Friday: 7:00 PM; 19.45; 21.30; 22:00
  • Weekend: 6:00 am; 9:00; 11.20; 15.20; 17.30; 6:00 pm; 19:00; 19.45; 20.30; 21:00; 23:00

02. Do trains still run on train street in Hanoi?

Looking back at Hanoi train street history, the single-track railway that runs through the streets of Hanoi Old Quarter has been there since the 20th century, during the French colonial period. The railway is still active nowadays.

03. Where is the famous train street in Hanoi or Where is the best place to see the train street in Hanoi?

The train street is located between the streets Phung Hung and Ly Nam De, right next to Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

04. How long is Hanoi Train Street? Hanoi train street cafe?

Even though the train passes through a big part of the town, The Hanoi Train Street is referred to only about a 100 meters long part where it’s the most narrow. The reason why it’s so interesting for tourists is that the train passes literally a meter away from the houses.

05. How old is Hanoi Train Street? Hanoi train street history?

It was constructed in 1902 during the French colonial period, Hanoi Train Street is regarded as a witness of history.

06. How many people died in Hanoi Train Street? Hanoi train street accident?

The government reported 70 railway accidents in the first eight months of 2022, with 52 fatalities and 17 injuries. None of which happened at the “train street.”

07. Why is train street closed in Hanoi? Is the train street in Hanoi still open?

Is the train street banned in Hanoi?

It was closed for a while in 2019 over safety concerns, before it was hit by Covid-19. Since Vietnam reopened tourism in March last year, the street has again started drawing crowds of tourists. Hanoi authorities shut down coffee shops and selfie hotspots and set up barriers along the street as a safety measure.

In September last year, Hanoi authorities shut down coffee shops and selfie hotspots and set up barriers along the street as a safety measure.

The ban came a couple days before a South Korean tourist was hit by a train while slipping through the barrier despite the siren indicating a train’s arrival. The person was not seriously injured and left the place afterwards.

08. “What are some alternative ways to see the Train Street if it is closed now?

What is the best way to see Train Street Hanoi?

You should book a tour from, you will feel free and enjoyable. The tour guide will take you to some popular attractions in Hanoi city, and taste the street food walking tour or countryside for a few hours or full day trip.

09, Do you need to book in advance to visit the train street in Hanoi?

You should reserve or book the food tour with train street visiting, it helps to secure your booking. However, you decide to join or not later. It seems very easy and convenient to email or Whatsapp….

These excellent reviews to choose from TripAdvisor:


When you approach the train Street you may be rejected initially but don’t be deterred, they have to count how many people come to view the train because of safety. So when they ask you if you want a drink or food say yes and you’ll get a seat somewhere and they’ll serve you when you sit and assign you a seat. This isn’t a scam. This is safety. This is only near the times the trains are coming and there will be crowds for the weekend daytime train. Definitely do this! The beer costs 40,000 dong ($2.20 CAD) and worth every penny. There will be mass chaos before the train comes where locals help you stand back and enjoy the rush of the train. Highly recommend!!!

Quaint but worth a visit

As long as you play the game its a great place to go. We arrived at the bottom end of the street and it was clear that you can’t just stroll onto the track. There are lots of cafes and bars etc along its length and police part way along with a barrier. Just say yes to a drink and you can sit and watch the world go by. Its not a rip-off for prices. The local community escorts you to a seat and I think we paid 40K for a beer. We were allowed to walk the length of the track as our hotel was at the opposite end that we had arrived. Trains don’t run all day but in the evening the train to Sapa runs along the track.

Lovely place to spend a few hours

Fantastic little spot to spend a few hours having a few drinks and a bite to eat. We actually spent a couple of our Hanoi evenings on train street as found it such a nice relaxing happy place to enjoy a drink. Yes, there are guards on the gate preventing people from just walking straight onto the street (although that was a bit hit and miss, saw the guards disappear throughout the evening), but there are cafe owners hanging around near the barrier that are happy to invite you down to their bars for a coffee or beer – it is far from the mafia imposed image people have painted, I was quite happy to spend the equivalent of a usd for a drink to get on to the street, and then once there you can move around between the bars of your choice. Some very decorative bars down there and just an overall nice vibe.

Train street – don’t be put off.

So before visiting Train Street I read the reviews and thought the worst.
We arrived mid afternoon and at the entrance was a man In “official” uniform standing at the entrance to Train Street. He blew his whistle at everyone who crossed pass the barrier and turned them away. After a short while it appeared the he had given up ! There are locals at the barrier who tout for business by offering you access for a small fee. We ignored them and and entered the street. Absolutely no issues. We spent the next 3 hours at one of the bars having a few drinks and food. Amazing experience seeing 2 trains passing within inches of you. Don’t be put off. If you are concerned walk to the other end of Train street where there are no guards or locals to stop you

Fun – and the trains are very close!

Train street seems to be still open (as long as police not around?) for evening trains. We saw two trains at around 8.20 & 9.10pm.
Accessible at 5 Tran Phu.
Nice friendly bars with reasonably priced drinks (tiny bit more than average but not much). Didn’t try the food. Friendly atmosphere with other visitors and very pretty with all the colourful paper lanterns . They do let you know when the trains are coming and make sure everyone is a behind the line.

Unique and amazing experience

This was our favourite thing to see in Hanoi! We had read mixed reports as to whether we would be able to get in but as soon as we arrived at the entrance we were met by several cafe owners offering to take us in. Drinks were reasonably priced and within 15 minutes the train came through – it was so incredible to be so close. The cafe owners were fairly strict about not wandering on the track, presumably so as to avoid tighter security.

Good tourists attraction

This train street is one of Hanoi’s top tourist attractions. Just become famous for a few years. Recently, but we can easily see a lot of tourists, all nationalities, don’t wait, or sip a cup of coffee waiting for the train to pass. Simply shoot a clip, take a few selfies, to capture this exciting moment of Hanoi.

Fantastic and Open in February 2023

Thought it had been closed. But when we took a look it was open. We didn’t stay to watch a train go through. However has a great time taking pictures and having a coffee and a beer. Memorable experience and worth going.

Still open

Head towards the train station and you’ll be able to get a seat in a cafe next to the train line. There is still one section closed where guards will stop tourists from accessing. To see the train during the daylight hours you’ll need to be in Hanoi on the weekends.

Unique street and lovely to see the train drive by.

Love this unique street . Never seen one like it. We were so lucky to arrive in time for a train to run through as it was the lunar new year and nearly everything has come to a standstill in Hanoi.

Brilliant, cannot experience this anywhere else…

Don’t listen to the views that the famous Train Station is closed. Its not!! It’s only closed to idiots that want to do silly things and enhance their instagram profiles. Simply go to a coffee shop, be absorbed in the atmosphere, and experience one of the most fun exhilarating experiences you will ever have. Might cost you a beer or cocktail.

Great morning / afternoon

Train st is really quite cool , lots of cafes to spend an hour or so timetable is usually in the menu with direction of train travel as well Egg coffee is the drink very very sweet though almost like a desert closed for a short time because of an accident , open now but very slight hassle getting in from the communist train guards which is quite funny go quick it’ll get ruined soon go daytime for better photos free entrance

Hanoi – Train Street . IT IS STILL OPEN, just not the tourist area.

IT IS STILL OPEN . We were staying in the French quarter and was told it was closed. We got aproached by a local on a scooter who took us on the back past the Hanoi Railway station and down a few laneways. This area was much quiter. He then took us to one of a few small restaurants where we had a meal (Cheap) and waited about 15 mins. for 1 train to pass, then 10 mins later another one passed the other way. Then he took us back to our hotel. I paid him 200 Dong (about $9). Great experience. Just ask around a bit and someone will know where to take you.

Must do in Hanoi!

Fun cool cultural street. Train doesn’t run through but definitely a Right of passage for visiting Hanoi. Must do for a photo.